In order to eliminate Hokkaido chieftain and the rest of the cream, the Internet to find a lot of use of light cream prescription is too troublesome, simply according to the gelatin powder on the prescription made the pudding, very successful and delicious.



  • Milk 200ml
  • Light cream 90ml
  • Fine sugar 30g
  • Geely powder 5g
  • Cold water 20ml


  1. The gelatin powder was poured into 20 ml of cold water to dissolve.

  2. Milk, light cream and fine sugar into the pot, stir and heat and cook.

  3. After the flame, and then step 1 of the Jieliding solution by adding stirring dissolved. The foam was filtered using a filter and poured into a vessel cup.

  4. Will be added to the outer edge of the container cup ice soak, so that it quickly cooled, and then into the refrigerator can be refrigerated.


The original prescription also includes 2 to 3 grams of vanilla powder, no home no place, full of milk flavor, very tasty. This recipe can be used to make 3 bottles of this popular pudding bottle.