Her husband’s love is fried noodles. Two people often eat a bowl of fried noodles to solve all. Do not underestimate the bowl of fried noodles, meat and vegetables with, color and flavor complete.



  • One egg
  • Carrot half
  • Onion half
  • Green pepper one
  • Sausage or a ham
  • Cabbage (cabbage) half
  • The amount of noodles you normally eat
  • Lao Ganma spoonful
  • Soy sauce 2 spoon
  • Salt 3 tablespoons
  • 4 drops of sesame oil


  1. Ready for all things, green onions, sausage, egg, carrot noodles, noodles, choose a little harder, because I like Shou Ganmian.e6ebf3411387934910a25b4b5f6c48e6.jpg
  2. Mix the eggs well.5d685f3425a0fa511615770d3fddb914.jpg
  3. One-third of the carrot onion half cut green pepper is also cut into small pieces823b705e82d37461fd1adb62fac60483.jpg
  4. Sausage slices half a cabbage shredded cabbage428a5981d03156ea34a4a3db72d3eca4.jpg
  5. Cook noodles as long as nine mature cook! . . Pot when the first time to add cold water to continue to boil a spoonful of salt. The second open, nine mature can be picked up. Directly into the bowl of cold water2624a14d1dbf396c87898b3c675ba3d2.jpg
  6. With cold water kept red, let the noodles cold down. Drain and add a few drops of sesame oil and mix well. This noodles do not stick, flexible8c983f6c80b34f3b469760ab35f40b4a.jpg
  7. In the hot oil.0bce307f9c5530fd3f3301259aeffb91.jpg
  8. Like onion burst into the fragrance! And then put sausage fried. And then into the shredded cabbage carrotsf7a79694a6a3ff28a42f18bf48a2f8f2.jpg
  9. Eggs on the side of the pot and then fry in the side, and other dishes mixed. This is more pot gas, only street flavor95d9473bc864da6cdeac979a716d6146.jpg
  10. Egg cooked green pepper ~

  11. Into the cool mix of sesame oil, put 2 tablespoons salt spoon to 2 tablespoons of soy sauce, a spoon Laoganma. Stir-fried!

  12. Noodles evenly wrapped with seasoning, fried a minute less than like ~


Noodles must be selected some of the more delicious hard, but not easy to fail. Cook nine mature, do not be rotten and then fish out