Good morning in the evening when the breakfast really stick



  • 2 eggs
  • Ham four
  • Lettuce eight
  • Cheese four
  • Bread and white bread a pack (8)
  • Salad dressing a little


  1. First, the egg Jian Hao, cut into four after the cut, then fried ham22641c6d4b810aa71b854f59ad697b70.jpg
  2. Apply a salad dressing or mayonnaise on each side of each bread

  3. Put a piece of lettuce on the bread, put an egg and then put a piece of cheese, put a lettuce, and finally put a piece of ham, if you like can add a slice of lettuce

  4. Put the bread up, with a little pressure on the palm of your hand, that is not loose on the line

  5. Diagonal force cut down, then the two stack up on the line

  6. Wrap the sandwich with plastic wrap, put in the refrigerator, the next morning to eat when you can put it into the microwave heating, the cheese melt away a little bit of time to eat250eff801e2967df1ca67f39a5804453.jpg