Spicy rice, delicious ^ _ ^



  • Tofu piece
  • Pixian bean paste a tablespoon
  • Small bowl of garlic
  • Salt appropriate
  • Sugar amount
  • Soy sauce amount
  • Garlic amount
  • Red pepper 3
  • Pepper look to put
  • MSG appropriate


  1. The tofu cut into small squares, garlic chopped mud, chopped garlic, chili chopped, all the ingredients ready,

  2. Heat the pot, pour the edible oil, into the garlic and red pepper, pepper stir-fry the scent, pour a spoonful of bean paste and stir-fry the marked oil, pour into a small bowl of water, into the tofu

  3. Boil the amount of salt transferred, monosodium glutamate, sugar, soy sauce, fire to the fire, do not use the spoon to stir too much, so tofu broken, received juice Sheng out, sprinkle with garlic just fine.



Tofu can buy tender point, more delicious, like to eat old tofu can also burn ^ _ ^