This is a quick version for breakfast, not so complex procedures and materials, simple and quick hand. In order to save the morning time, the night before the chicken leg can pick a good bones, put cold storage, morning steam.



  • Pipa leg
  • Soy sauce, oyster sauce, sesame oil, cooking wine
  • Scallions, ginger, garlic,
  • Sesame, pepper optional


  1. Wash the chicken, with a knife around the end of a small head cut a circle, cut fascia.d36669f20e9c4559c1806121d3c8a648.jpg
  2. With scissors from the bulk of the chicken cut, and then close to the bone with a knife to slowly peel the meat.6c2a77334e0e79a42c6a867cd74e8f20.jpg
  3. Fix the chicken with a toothpick.f21f1875d6df61a85bbdda7409fc99c6.jpg
  4. Into the dish, pour the wine into the ginger, boil for 10 minutes after the fire.f11c7ce1d103236bce9cdd1cedef0533.jpg
  5. Scallion chopped green onion, minced garlic, chili chopped, ginger chopped.11403a87eedf9ac4f5d74edc81ce9f1d.jpg
  6. Remove the toothpick after cutting a little cool.13c30814268d37a8e5b257c26261315f.jpg
  7. Sauce, add sesame, add the right amount of steamed chicken soup mix, because the soy sauce and oyster sauce have salt taste, you can try the next Xianxian then add salt. Heat the oil in the pot and put the ginger minced garlic into the bowl.4c8032520cf9cf97dfb36d37ac2c5193.jpg
  8. Evenly poured on chicken, sprinkle with chopped green onion and chili.17f161b9cfed67669b191271c4cc17bb.jpg
  9. Breakfast can also enjoy the food Oh.5d3f297bb23a0ec57e10bc4b4d7bc8e2.jpg