I rush to build the recipe before the Lantern Festival, meaning it! One of the most favorite tastes, milk fragrant sesame fragrant melt together, be careful hot mouth Kazakhstan! Recommended to write in front, do not like the smell of butter, do not use butter. The amount of butter can be replaced with lard. Lard solidified up relatively soft, you can freeze and then look. You can also use half of the butter and half of the lard. It is highly recommended to use good quality butter, or fermented butter. Like more sand effect, you can add the proportion of fat.



  • Fried black sesame seeds 65 grams
  • 35 grams of sugar
  • 75 grams of butter
  • Glutinous rice flour 200 grams
  • Warm water (about 40 degrees) 160 grams


  1. Fried black sesame seeds and sugar together on the inside of the machine break.12fa2f87fe8f80e36812f4f06c5bcb83.jpg
  2. Put butter inside the pot and heat it734730a7aa1ab2b710e72d6e1f509c5f.jpg
  3. Heat slowly and slowly.817472c51b1e18f5ec6cfbd35bc117c7.jpg
  4. All the butter can melt, not too hot. Pour into the black sesame sugar powder inside.2a1987785690edcd3b2402eb889524c6.jpg
  5. All at once934e48f11dc7ad28e38aa484d72333f8.jpg
  6. Stir well.29d4b6ef49bc6ac8a1f27efe2298cf44.jpg
  7. Fridge freezer until solidified90ff7de6238fb8ee5079e8d4ed3c2752.jpg
  8. Each 15 grams, rubbing circular spare. The temperature is too high, you can then back into the cold for a while.d94dcdfd91d00f3eac07e66ae87472c7.jpg
  9. 200 grams of glutinous rice flour, add 160 grams of warm water, knead evenly. Rubbing good Lantern face, take 30 grams, rubbing round.3ee3f19a61a7bfc87a374b3de2403a95.jpg
  10. Two thumbs gently pressed into a small bowl.377b649e89309b49f40e15c86684dba2.jpg
  11. Take a filling.78ffe4dacd718a189447c3e8e81b6592.jpg
  12. Left hand hold the filling, the right hand thumb and index finger with slowly tightened.da3e61a21eca350e57bb2cc2ad4e2494.jpg
  13. A little bit narrow, and finally clenched shut.c455bee18cad83fc5745e65b044dbb2e.jpg
  14. Into the dry glutinous rice flour rolled inside a layer of dry powder.e62f314653fb2b426aa9344d21f01126.jpg


Packed Lantern Festival can be cooked directly to eat, you can also save frozen. According to 15 grams of stuffing, 30 grams of skin, the package is the size of the table-sized rice balls, you can adjust the proportion of their own needs. And the surface of the hot water to not hot as the standard, that is, the hand can be placed inside, not higher than 45 degrees.