Cranberry A magical little fruit with a variety of nutritional and medicinal value of food and anti-aging and beauty beauty effect, and prevention of cardiovascular aging, urinary tract infections and other problems of its taste sweet and sour Is a good taste Chiffon cake organization Bulk, soft taste is one of the very popular cake Cranberry and chiffon when the collision together to produce cranberry chiffon cake cake to increase the unusual flavor



  • Low powder 85g
  • 5 eggs
  • Milk 50g
  • Corn oil 50g
  • 3 drops of lemon juice
  • Fine sugar 70g
  • Cranberry dry 70g


  1. Eggs choose the larger, egg white, egg yolk in the anhydrous oil-free clean basin. Egg yolk by adding 30g of fine sugar and stir well4362a0fefe31962feb666b2837b6b377.jpg
  2. Then add corn oil stirring to the egg yolk appears emulsifiedf1a15f3b166c225dae11a0234d9066bc.jpg
  3. Pour the milk evenlyc03690e5e8e53ea94f52df949196c848.jpg
  4. Sieve into the low powder, turn over, mix to mix. No particles without particles smooth, do not force circle to stir from stirring6f4af34f2c2ac88e7342c6c6ee1aa626.jpg
  5. Egg yolk paste to do, we began to pass the protein [this time the oven must start preheating] egg white add a few drops of lemon juice, use the whisk to play high-speed fish eye bubble to join the 40g fine sugar 1 / Continue to passb29a500887b30f260197cbe08c6c713d.jpg
  6. Protein show lines when adding 1/3 fine sugar to continue to send, feel the resistance and began to shape the time into the final fine sugar continue to pass to the whisk to mention can have a standing protein tip103a930843b0768c0d46d08c7ea60bc0.jpg
  7. Spoon 1/3 of the protein paste to the egg yolk paste, turn to mixcfe706c03111456bc762087f9fc624e4.jpg
  8. Mixed and poured back into the protein paste and crushed crushed crushed crushed crushed crumbs larger particles must be cut to avoid all sink at the end, such as more humid can be used in advance to a small roasted to cool the use of rapid turn to mix evenly to avoid protein Defoaming. Into the mold shock a few shock out of the bubblea7aba4d6bd18d88050620ce49af2ac56.jpg
  9. Preheat the oven 150 degrees, upper and lower fire mid-baked 55 minutes [temperature and time, according to their characteristics to make adjustments to the oven]aaee6e4a53a33a291a7805aa14828ecd.jpg
  10. Baked 2 after the buckle under the cooling, completely cooling can be stripped. Then the delicious cake is complete4ec5e2da167cb4c16729816507fb3fbc.jpg


This is the 8-inch round mold cranberry cranberries must be cut to use, too wet must be baked and then use the full sink in order to avoid