Previously only know that whole wheat nutrition and health, but do not know the whole wheat bread is really difficult to swallow, some time ago to buy a special supermarket to buy twenty pounds of whole wheat bread flour, happy to prepare bread, the results are hard to do every time Of the stone-like, and regret should not buy this bread flour, the last remaining point of flour to quickly consume, they will be surprisingly soft bread, the family liked to eat, put the exact number down to share with friends.



  • Whole wheat bread flour 300 grams
  • Yogurt + egg (1 egg) 190 grams
  • Brown sugar 30 grams
  • Salt 3 grams
  • Yeast 5 grams
  • 20 grams of butter or corn oil
  • Red bean paste or nuts
  • Flour amount (spread surface)


  1. In addition to all the ingredients except butter into the bread machine, first put the liquid, and finally put yeast, open and surface function, add 10 minutes after the butter and then rub for 20 minutes, the first step to forget the pictures.

  2. Rub out the film is not too thin, this is the way after kneading.

  3. In the bread machine in the direct fermentation, fermentation to the original 2 to 2.5 times the largef48e8292b8b5b3bd849fda02dc067963.jpg
  4. Remove the dough exhaust into four or five equal parts, cover the cling film 饧 ten minutes.9a442899b1e64f8d668ce8f4ccf0c7b9.jpg
  5. In turn, roll the dough into a wide, long baking tray, filling with bean paste or nut2bdbe495395ebfee98785d01e435148f.jpg
  6. This put the nuts59c7b37303ebcec6d3c5dd3411e66be5.jpg
  7. Bean sand stuffing on the package pinch, nuts stuffing can be rolled up from one side, edge pinching.a39c287e391864f5ba7878018e6c746f.jpg
  8. Followed by shaping, sprinkle with the right amount of flour, cut with a blade, into the oven secondary fermentation, fermentation to 1.5 times the size of the oven warm up and down the middle of the fire 170 degrees 20 minutes.bee2f0954437767e37c85d55dc8a7b2e.jpg
  9. Baked out.62ed0a1e1857ea0002bd3166bab287d1.jpg
  10. Can also be made into their own like the shape and pattern9c97ee9238a1555fa06b7159ff215a07.jpg
  11. You can also use oil paper cut into their favorite patterns, posted in the second after the end of the above, sprinkle with dry powder after the pattern with tweezers to win.33a6d4df91fde8207b502b8af3f379c3.jpg


The bread is the most important feature of soft, very much like I used to do yogurt thicker, because yogurt consistency is different, so do not put the first time, the first set aside to see the situation and then add. And then a different amount of flour, water absorption, anyway, plus a little thin face, dried a little bit of yogurt on the line. Do not like sugar can be reduced, the oil can be less or no increase. Oven temperature slightly different, to adjust their own oh. Cut the second cut after the package can be cut, personal feeling cut the second operation before the better. Last time I finished cooking some friends asked me to prescription, today, sorted out on the hair, there is not comprehensive place to make up later.