L i-pi



  • Ordinary flour 300 grams
  • Salt 3 grams
  • Yeast (gluten fermentation) 2 grams


  1. Powder to join the amount of salt water modulation flocculent, and then kneading into groups, and surface to Sanguang, basin light, hand light, surface light. Then cover plastic wrap for 30 minutes.bbbcdc59e06faf0185808823c0f55ecd.jpg
  2. Will wake up a good dough into a large basin of water scrub. The remaining dough is gluten. Must be washed to be flexible only a few good wash.2fc6c810ef028f03d4e1ed311b9a8224.jpg
  3. Wash the batter over the sieve, remove the particles.87ab0fffe15ea1748ca9fde0f352f459.jpg
  4. Wash the surface water to stand for more than 6 hours, which is the night before the wash, put the night, do it the next day. (Summer put the refrigerator freezer standing)8a6bf4c66cb633620af2925e23cca1cf.jpg
  5. Wash the gluten by adding appropriate amount of yeast (2 grams or so) repeatedly rub, into a clean container, cover plastic wrap fermented overnight9fff538cb3090e2692956634145e03d5.jpg
  6. Ferment the gluten into the steamer for 20 minutes. Steamed gluten cut into small pieces back.d1e1f89e3a8e10987187b18e7a3efc20.jpg
  7. The next day will stand a good face wash water, the top of the water carefully drained, be careful not to touch the bottom of the precipitated flour. Adjust the batter this is the key, throw away the water after the batter in the amount of water, stir evenly with a spoon, and finally transferred out of the batter can be linked to pulp. Must not be thick (easy to crack thick, finished taste will not Q, not tasty). (Focus on that again, after a good precipitation of drained water must be added amount of water)5292c27e845d830d569009a98c1ffeb9.jpg
  8. Prepare the steamer to boil water. Election Sa disc, mold touch the oil (must touch the oil) scoop into the batter, flat to cover the bottom plate. Steam for 2 minutes or so, you can leave the steamer pan.56ff9facca30fd47245c66beddacf226.jpg
  9. The baking tray into the water to cool, cool thoroughly remove Liang Pi4ed8b95ee50435f22e68bf4992f32fa8.jpg
  10. Repeat production, good backup.32a76f4c9ec559f251a47a582acf3490.jpg
  11. Seasoning Liangpi cut into the appropriate size of the strip, adding cut into small pieces of gluten. Choose your favorite spices. Sesame paste, pepper, garlic juice, parsley, cucumber, Laoganma, according to their favorite taste to eat modulation. Parents do not like to eat cold, to a fried Liangpi4c82fe95bc39607cfcda2a6b38f10d3f.jpg