The first time to eat this nut Leba is more than a decade ago, I was a primary school student, that time they will be able to eat one-third of the time, because it is too delicious. And later began to like baking the past two years, wanted to personally do a lot of nuts to eat out of Leba, so I began to find prescription, the process is not smooth, because I found the prescription is not what I want, I own research, improve their formula, tried three or four times after finally succeeded, but I do not use hops Leba fermentation, the ordinary yeast powder can be. (1 •. 1) before the prescription a little bit of water, and see a lot of friends do have some soft tread, but also a lot of friends, Now reduce the amount of milk 20 grams, if you like the soft taste, add 20 grams of it ~ Note Attention! First, there is no light cream comrades to look at, you can use 10 grams of butter and 40 grams of milk instead, I add the purpose of light cream is to make bread more fragrant, so a little more butter is the effect. Second, a friend felt too hard to roll surface fixed, which is normal, I do one day 10 Leba arms can not lift the next day…… so use a very large force to roll into a rectangle, do not Lazy roll into a circle, so the final out of the shape is not authentic Leba ~ change a bit formula, sugar than the original 10 grams, 2 grams of salt, milk from 120g into 100g, cream from 50g into 75g, so It seems more delicious (1u003e ؂ u003c1)



  • High-gluten flour 680g
  • Fine sugar 140g
  • Three eggs
  • Milk 100g
  • Light cream 75g
  • Butter 40g
  • Yeast 5-10 g
  • Edible salt 7g
  • Walnut 180-220g
  • Raisins or mention dry 260-300g
  • Whole egg amount


  1. Mix the high-gluten flour, sugar, milk, light cream, yeast, edible salt and egg into the dough. Note that the salt is not in direct contact with the yeast. In addition the dough will be more hard, it is recommended to use bread or chef machine and surface, otherwise it will be very laborious Oh, if you want to eat soft some milk or light cream can be, but the taste is not hard and delicious it, this Process bread machine 10 minutes on it328a8c03bd70fe697bc26d475ace69f1.jpg
  2. Add softened butter, then knead for 20 minutes, because the dough is very hard, so rubbing no glove film, we do not have too tangled Ha738ee7294334ecf3774896f3e8eb030e.jpg
  3. After a good knead should be very smooth dough, and sealed into the oven, 40 degrees or so fermentation for one hour, or room temperature fermentation night (now winter, there is heating, then just a night, the room temperature can not be made in the summer Oh) Twice or 2.5 times larger on it. I am here with a good bag wrapped directly after the radiator, and save ~8a87258f55cc005e3b94decedee8bb6c.jpg
  4. Taken out from the oven, the average divided into two, about 580 grams of a dough, kneading round2aa09d24fdf7198f51e643652c96e684.jpg
  5. Take a dough, roll with a rolling pin into a large rectangle, the thickness of 3-4mm, length 40cm, width 30cm most appropriate friendsc7d155aba2748a9b49677f994ed52b76.jpg
  6. Scale out the use of raisins or to mention sub-dry, evenly spread on the dough in the roll, remember to stay out of the length of 5cm to close Oh, and then out of walnut, walnut, I was a put up, line by line Pendulum, so it looks better rolled up Kazakhstan, the figure is done before the shot of the map, not in accordance with his party’s line of pendulum4e75224223df2caf3137affb88e2b405.jpg
  7. From the blank place to roll up, to the volume of some of the close, or air baked when easy to crackc25723c445518b2a55056ea8ee8829d9.jpg
  8. The bread embryo into the oven for 40 minutes of secondary fermentation, the following put a boiling water, to maintain humidity5b7ad0ce0931e8af31f36801fb8af448.jpg
  9. After fermentation, take out, this time to start preheating oven, 170-degree warm-up five minutes. Warm-up time to start shaping bread, with a knife in the bread cut on the oblique slit of the five small, so that the bread is also better to see a good ripening, after brushing a layer of whole egg7e92dad17758666a98ff7bae5f36d49a.jpg
  10. Into the preheated oven, the middle and upper and lower fire 170 degrees bake 40 minutes, 10 minutes or so covered with aluminum foil, or depending on the color of their own foil, usually I covered the aluminum foil before the upper and lower fire 160 degrees baked, covered after And then get angry 170, under the fire 160 baked, so the end of the bread will not color too heavy, so too much trouble, so 170 degrees has been maintained can you, but the fire is too easy to crack the case of bread, the specific circumstances of specific methods Different Kazakhstan, sometimes I do the slender words up and down the fire 160 degrees can beea61cd9270ef0b670490efa6bb858796.jpg
  11. After baking, let cool, slice to eat, drink a glass of milk, get breakfast!6c349e7a056500dadbe679fa1dbaf9c4.jpg


  1. This recipe is the amount of two Leba, one, then all can be halved 2. Do more and more can do a few dough soft and hard you, the other sweetness should be just, sweet love can be added 20 grams of sugar, do not like to eat their own adjustment Kazakhstan 3. baking temperature as I said first 170 degrees up and down the fire try, if found at the bottom of color too heavy, the next fire 160 degrees, if the bread incision cracking , Lit 160 degrees can be ~ 4. Two columns together into the oven when the spacing to be larger, or easy to stick together, not easy to cooked, not good to separate the two bread 5. Inside the nuts are also Can be replaced by a variety of dried fruit Oh, as long as you want to get ~