Pleurotus delicious taste, a special taste, Laoding very like to eat, this time a fat fried version. You can focus on WeChat public number: Laoding’s kitchen, or in the WeChat public search brookding, private number on Laoding concern, thank you.



  • Pleurotus eryngii 2
  • Carrot half root
  • Green peppers 4
  • Black pepper, salt, starch, a little garlic


  1. All kinds of spices washed back.2248e813bf2039ad1e799b04b4bb63a7.jpg
  2. Pleurotus eryngii, carrot, garlic, green pepper slices4a593eaf1b8624eeca614bd6692fe1bb.jpg
  3. Wok oil cooler, the next garlic saute.5b76e8c32ba70bdca31a697489cdf427.jpg
  4. Pleurotus eryngii into the next, stir fry to the edge slightly yellow.2cc37f0a53988dac1c3bffcdc5e8f61f.jpg
  5. Down into the carrots and green peppers, where not eat spicy can be replaced with sweet pepper, red green pepper instead of carrots and peppers.839675d1c0431935fd26b2d488e5ef98.jpg
  6. Add a little fresh soy sauce, salt, MSG, and then thin water starch starch ditch, sprinkle into a little black pepper, where you can according to personal taste, you can not add. The pan can bebab2981becb9e4f392217ef4c85b51ee.jpg
  7. Transfer37a89e46ad7b7db1308db6d240831e44.jpg