Every year before the New Year. There will be a lot of relatives together. Dad will do the two basins.. Basically, every time been swept. Asked me what kind of pot? May be the kind of face it.. in the New Year the kind of big fish and meat of the period. Really tell you to eat this really good cool..! It is not only a dish, it can also be a staple food..! (^ _ ^) V



  • A fan or vermicelli
  • Pork piece
  • One egg
  • Cucumber half root
  • Carrot half root
  • A few pieces of black fungus
  • A baby vegetable leaves
  • Coriander appropriate
  • Appropriate amount of garlic
  • Millet spicy amount
  • The amount of oil
  • Sweet sauce a little
  • Starch a little
  • Salt appropriate
  • White pepper appropriate
  • Laoyu little
  • Sucking amount
  • Sugar amount
  • Two tablespoons of beer
  • Vinegar amount
  • Chicken a little
  • Sesame oil (sesame oil) amount


  1. I use the northeast of vermicelli. My dad on this soft spot. You can also use any fan. Potatoes. Sweet potatoes are OK.. put the water soaked in soft!214d30f9fbda026e8331854e7c1f5fa6.jpg
  2. White pepper, beer or cooking wine.5726612718b910b2e8136d61ac93d203.jpg
  3. Add a little more starch.88d0104d4f84541a3d450bb54b6ff6d4.jpg
  4. Add a little more cooking oil. Stir.f2bc4b83e5b9c4208a08436a626b2b18.jpg
  5. Black fungus bubble hair washed. Cut into carrots. Carrots peeled and rubbed into a wire.Walk vegetables with leaves and stems by the leaves.Shredded shredded.Garlic.Wash pepper chopped!06f246df7e36f1fde8d433b421736892.jpg
  6. Cucumber peeled and rubbed into the wire. Eggs broken. Put the pot spread into Danpi. Shredded… parsley washed and chopped! These need to use. Usually cut cooked food or fruit knife and board cut!f1f7dae77a07bca602c3d269bd95d0a9.jpg
  7. Boil water in the pot.0921688c6fa9dfebfb15d146ce71eb30.jpg
  8. Cooked.. how to judge cooked unfamiliar? The easiest way is to taste ah.63df900838d046fefb1f9559ab4e08a4.jpg
  9. Soaked in cold water.Generally need to change the water 2-3 times.Finally.. the fans into the cool white open or soaked in cold pure water.. you want to directly use tap water I do not mind. I will not be responsible for eating bad. (᷄᷄᷄ ̫᷅˵ ~ ᷅˵)a6b6ff5b062b9e7ad70ffcbac9d8c3fc.jpg
  10. Put the pork into the pork and scoop it with the chopsticks.2dc36c80ade434a476f65eb725dc0041.jpg
  11. In the base oil, put the sweet bean sauce in the fragrant sauce.. This.. This is really fragrant.63c36880ba078067f3b7a96902da13d3.jpg
  12. Stir fry evenly put on a spare! Be careful not to be stolen, of course, the first thing to do is to sew your own mouth.. (‘▽ `)af20b65396810a7d057b2af2c76448b2.jpg
  13. Base oil into garlic.5b041a436e6eb882a0aeec77aa959e21.jpg
  14. Add black fungus wire.35c3f8ec75788d3f6e060fea8737736f.jpg
  15. Add carrots.f366d2fafddc83286baf1af12f9f4f8b.jpg
  16. Into the baby food.c8282944a899ed07eb90d88460722945.jpg
  17. Fans drain the water into the bowl. Add egg Pisi. Cucumber silk. Then fried good material into. Add a little soy sauce. White pepper. Sugar. Salt. Chicken. Stir. .d4ad10bac459fe6b68c87e8f7a40c5dd.jpg
  18. Add sesame oil, sesame oil and stir well.9e07fa5bff53a25ee676c0a326890418.jpg
  19. When the plate, a white sesame seeds can be sprinkled some white sesame seeds!d5dd3d934067f072b7b9df21a9664d8f.jpg
  20. To a really super-satisfied.da123b2295922b1c49faf7f83617a716.jpg


And so on. As long as you like. As long as you happy. Fans with your favorite fans on the line. Is the rice noodles, noodles, etc. can be! Vinegar can be according to their own preferences to.. I do not jealous. Can not hold. Do not eat spicy can not hold the pepper.. taste can be according to their own. This is the simplest. I put on a full… ╮ (¯ ▽ ¯””) ╭