Sesame dumplings is a very traditional dessert, sweet rice dumplings and transliteration reunion, so every New Year’s Lantern reunion of the day will eat this dessert, meaning that we complete. This issue has to tell you what the effect of quicksand and the effect of making glutinous rice with cold water, hot water, warm water, what is the difference, I think this is what we all want to know, although they can be made glutinous rice, but they do Dumpling taste is different. Modern dumplings have many varieties, there are crystal dumplings and a variety of stuffing dumplings, materials can be changed, but the production methods and shape is the same, because this is my first dumplings taught, so I chose the most The traditional sesame dumplings, I hope you will like, later evolved into other new rice dumplings when you can better understand.



  • Sesame filling
  • Cooked black sesame seeds 120 grams
  • 30 grams of fine sugar
  • Lard 80 grams
  • Glutinous rice group
  • Glutinous rice flour 200 grams
  • Hot water 60 grams
  • Cold water 95 grams


  1. Before doing the first video to see it again, know about the process and methods to start after the productionb43295c3944ebca3c01382cf7971e46d.jpg
  2. First, do sesame seeds, sesame seeds, water, clean, fried, raw sesame is flat, cooked will become round bulging, and if you buy back the cooked sesame seeds can skip this stepbaa2d148044ecd9f38ccd2aec27d3512.jpg
  3. After frying in a saucer or baking pan in a completely cool before they can carry out the next step2e51fecb43e00cc9fe8953e45f7c1998.jpg
  4. Video in the cooked sesame [03:43] contrast, we can refer to97e5c473b170afddd865b942153cc792.jpg
  5. Will put the dry sesame and white sugar into the broken machine, broken into powder;bac4a516f132ff7b131c25b8384b4078.jpg
  6. Weighing the required sesame powder, add lard has softened evenly stir, place the refrigerator frozen for about half an hour, so fillings harden [tips: lard can be replaced with butter, the higher the fat content, quicksand effect is better, Butter If you want to do in the recipe of quicksand effect of lard, butter need to increase production of 10 grams, because butter is not pure oil, which also contains water, but if you use butter, creamy taste will be more tired, lard is nothing Taste, that we do not like too quicksand, then lard can be reduced by 10 grams】ada445dd22ae4be41e6f8c6a1f03be3c.jpg
  7. The proportion of glutinous rice balls is: glutinous rice group 15 grams: 10 grams of sesame filling, so we weigh each 10 grams of sesame filling twist baking pan pad of plastic wrap, with gloves to hardened sesame stuffing rubbing, re-placed refrigerator Frozen harden, like a small stone, then out of the package, which is to do a beautiful dumplings method68b7080af751e8ba71a9bdd4df19f8dc.jpg
  8. Sesame stuffing to do after we do glutinous rice, glutinous rice group to do what the temperature of the water can be done, but the difference in where? You can watch the video 【09:12】 in the text to explain91f609925e8de99f9d1960f719d59db6.jpg
  9. Add hot water after adding cold water, mixed into cotton-like, the amount of hot water to join the same, cold water, we adjusted according to the actual situation, a detailed look at the video [10:15]067ec3aa6799fea1a3937b6426cd070c.jpg
  10. And then knead the sticky glutinous rice flour into the group, adjust the water to know the hardness of glutinous rice balls like earlobe, as long as the glutinous rice balls do not stick egg bowl, glutinous rice group can be infinitely soft, because the more soft the better package, glutinous rice and After the good wrap with plastic wrap4ca22d7a3116294d1ed8d916e12db1d4.jpg
  11. And then frozen into a pebble-like sesame stuffing out to prepare packet of glutinous rice balls, before the package to boil a pot of hot water, the water at the same time we have to package dumplings, glutinous rice group cling film to open a mouth to avoid the rest of the Glutinous rice group get rid of, take 15 grams out as in the video as into a small Wowo, like a bowl [14:00]2e6f872a9fb07ee9d3a9c05ce6d994d2.jpg
  12. And then take a sesame stuffing into the Wo Wo hand inside the tiger’s mouth closed, the specific method, see the video [14:30]a1689cb1f15f1759259e3e45bf2f141e.jpg
  13. Dumplings wrapped into boiling water after the inside cooked, how to determine the cooked rice no? Simple: the pot after boiling water, and then adjust the small torch dumplings cooked to the surface, continue to cook until the glutinous rice balls to 1.5 times the size of the cooked, because the dumplings inside the water vapor spread out the rice balls will grow up, this Is a manifestation of its maturityae8e4a2865bcd3dca699e04a160290c1.jpg
  14. Cooked glutinous rice dumplings with red bean syrup or any soup you like to eat, my family’s habit is cooked directly with the rice dumplings directly to eat the water, because the dumpling itself sweet, so you can and look.2a46149ed93ef8a8de1a8942f436aed0.jpg