O (∩ _ ∩) O ~ very seriously with you recommend this Qi Feng, a combination of delicate and cheesy chiffon mellow, better than ordinary Qi Feng delicious, and no light cheese tired, the best to eat Qi Feng, none of them. Reference”super Q moist chiffon cake”and”simple good”prescription, absolutely fly. Prescription adapted to 17cm hollow, if the hollow with 18cm, may be a little high to be, but still full of mold. —- Meng Meng da separation line —-“simple good”link: Cheese Qi wind In addition to the hollow Qi wind stripping stripping stripping You see here: 【 Hollow chiffon how the practice of stripping stripping]



  • Cream cheese 100g
  • Milk 100g
  • Eggs (60g size) four
  • Sugar (egg yolk with) 30g (especially not sweet like 5-10 grams of sugar can be reduced, most people do not have to reduce)
  • Sugar (for protein) 50g
  • Salt a handful (fingertips pinch a lost on it)
  • Salad oil 35g
  • A few drops of lemon juice
  • Low powder 85g


  1. Cream cheese cheese with a low fire in the microwave to soften, with a scraper pressed to the non-particle smooth state. Milk hit to warm, divided into cream cheese, hand pumping mix well, you can. [Of course, you can also milk and cream cheese whipped to the cheese melt, no particles. According to their own habits to】8759bd28b38d761fb6b2dbd5d371743e.jpg
  2. Isolate the protein and egg yolk. Egg yolk plus 30 grams of sugar, salt, oil, hand smoked to send to the color white, larger size. (This step a little tired)ce3515b91852db7f6877635463a07c67.jpg
  3. This state.b1f9f08c692c25f816e705f0464c2a2e.jpg
  4. Mix egg yolk paste and cheese paste, stir well.c208cf3264b4b73a2ed072c3294819d2.jpg
  5. Sieve into the low powder, hand-drawn word mix. Be careful not to circle.f6d10e167ac19eb9bcaa31f209cde208.jpg
  6. If you are a perfectionist, marinated egg yolk paste can be sifted once, but the sieve is not not, can still make the United States and the United States Qi Feng. Figure is the sifted batter, obviously very delicate, no particles. Recommended screening.6094be78a1d5f0c1d844ad6bdbba5b6c.jpg
  7. Start preheating oven, set 170 degrees. Protein, add a few drops of lemon juice, add sugar three times, after the first high-speed low-speed play to close to dry foam state.e2260e0353ded89a50890a5ec33a4f83.jpg
  8. Mix the protein cream and egg yolk paste three times. The first: take 1/3 of egg yolk cream cream cream paste, hand-drawn word mix.d8f546fcb628bfa0832a9c10d8c2e79f.jpg
  9. The second: take 1/3 protein cream into the yolk cheese paste basin, with a scraper cut evenly.aa4c539f293cfd713e8d2adaaf81cd3e.jpg
  10. The third: the egg yolk cheese paste into the remaining protein frost basin, scraper mix evenly.50739e4aa80b6b626299878dbf3dca0a.jpg
  11. Get delicate, thick batter.2dd1ab931e374df26a6423bc31cc37f7.jpg
  12. Into the mold, shock to the bubble.7ed0f03fdc66a9f8557aa253cbcce4af.jpg
  13. Preheat the oven 170 degrees, in the lower, about 45 minutes.d8d542b1c081f8ec7256167be29132b7.jpg
  14. Baked shock to the hot air, immediately upside down, completely cool after (generally do I put a night, the next day stripping), bare hands touch.14bdeeeedb5a3c796357ecb989129de5.jpg
  15. Good organization, the key is good to eat ~520eefc69942a97bb4614127314d9f50.jpg


1, it is best to do with foreign eggs Qi wind, soil eggs, too little protein, the effect is poor. 2, do Qi wind Do not use olive oil, peanut oil, etc. have the taste of liquid oil, I generally use corn oil. 3, to pass the protein basin must be anhydrous oil-free egg yolk mixed with, whisk head should not stick to oil or water, or protein is difficult to pass. 4, do this chiffon, the protein I like to hit near the dry foam. Cheese is a small anti-foam experts, hit the dry foam can guarantee a success rate. At the same time suggested that the egg yolk paste paste sieve, let the organization better. 5, the hollow chiffon is to crack, is fluffy, fragrant, delicious. 6, a very important TIPS: the failure of experience from everyone, I very much agree with the novice can try the following method: As the large amount of liquid formula, a lot of students to operate well, but we can use the cream Cheese low temperature will solidify the principle, in the cheese batter slightly dilute the state, through the refrigerator to the thick and then send a protein mixture to reduce defoaming, it is recommended that the defoaming serious or into the furnace is not high students try this idea, the idea Inspired by the gentle light cream cheese cake thickening of the practice, defoaming serious and high students do not really recommend such a try.