Hotdog bread



  • High-gluten flour 250g
  • Low-gluten flour 50g
  • Milk 170g
  • Fine sugar 30g
  • Whole egg 40g
  • Alcohol mother 3g
  • Salt 2g
  • Butter 25g
  • Surface decoration:
  • Whole egg amount
  • Hot dog intestinal amount
  • Salad dressing amount
  • Appropriate amount of tomato sauce
  • Dry onions and a little


  1. In addition to butter, put all the materials into the dough kneading machine, a program.e382b145e5c1ba12f13dab046c5418ff.jpg
  2. Check to be able to pull out the thick film after adding butter to the expansion stage rubbing (about to add two procedures), rubbing for basic fermentation.52bcc4d8a302918d70e662256445ff05.jpg
  3. Look at the dough to double the size.12fa172dbf97078631e7e3787bbde5ef.jpg
  4. Remove the table by pressing the exhaust light.5cd6e4c74981e216cc82858b9da2e287.jpg
  5. Split into a small dough around 60g. The size of the length of the sausage to adjust.46eb49cf31eecf4243242997cc9e0e88.jpg
  6. Rounded with the palm of your hand.15650d5e3490ffc54196721c9a3ef124.jpg
  7. Cover with plastic wrap for about 10 minutes.d21e6e091b2a37a3038c02f0cd0c48d7.jpg
  8. Take a small dough to crush, and then roll into a cone into the paper tray mold, you can also direct emissions in the gold baking tray.5b6507b87b945343271a0a21fb16d90f.jpg
  9. And then roll into a cone-shaped discharge in the baking tray, the tray can also be placed in the mold, all completed after the second fermentation into the oven, next to the same cup into the water.1369314af62e151b56dfe95c940f6d21.jpg
  10. Look at the bread after the expansion of the obvious (then preheat the oven 180 degrees), and then brush the egg surface of bread, take a hot dog intestine in the middle of the tap in the end.e2a401b099442fc0e9e302bdb5404869.jpg
  11. Squeeze a salad dressing or ketchup on a loaf of bread, or sprinkle a little chopped chive and crush your cheese.a40883575e59f1938ba81b34714a3ac4.jpg
  12. Into the oven has been preheated good 170 degrees for 20 minutes, remove the Liang Liang put into the preservation bag and then put the preservation box to save. (Baking temperature adjusted according to their own oven)fa53909bde4b1fe034ddd2ffc7d4e631.jpg
  13. There is this approach, take a 60 grams of small dough roll-shaped upside down, rolled up from the side crimping into olive-shaped and rubbing long, rubbing long strips can be a few turns, rub to 40cm long sausage from scratch To the end of involvement, volume when the noodles do not pull too tight.9486a4ea2922a85e301e4a7f42373023.jpg


1, I made the fermentation directly into the bread machine, such as the cold out of the basin to put plastic wrap into the microwave next to put a cup of boiling water. Plastic two into the oven after the same into a cup of boiling water. 2, baked bread, such as in two days to eat the first part of the first put into the refrigerator to save, eat out at room temperature before thawing, put the microwave bite ten seconds taste better.