Dousha bread is my favorite home, almost every few days will do once, changing the pattern to eat, how to eat enough, today, this bean paste Shredded bread, taste super stick, torn to eat, super cool! highly recommended! Before you do, please look carefully at the tips! Before you do, please look carefully at the tips! Before you do, please look carefully at the tips! Beau square deep baking plate: 22.5 × 22.5 × 4.5cm size of the other baking pan can also Kazakhstan has always been the total kitchen asked me how to save bread better, to be honest I always thought that this headache, and now I And finally found a good way to see the pro please see my personal home page under the kitchen link, or concerned about my Sina microblogging top 3333_1001



  • High-gluten flour 330 grams
  • 130 grams of milk
  • Light cream 45 grams
  • Whole egg 35 grams
  • 55 grams of sugar
  • Salt 3 grams
  • Yeast 4 grams
  • 22 grams of butter
  • Bean paste filling 150 grams
  • Sugar powder (surface decoration) amount


  1. In addition to butter, bean paste filling, all the dough material in turn into the bread machine, first put the liquid, and finally put the flour, flour, digging buried yeast, start the bread machine and surface procedures, 20 minutes later, Of the butter, continue to knead the surface to the full stage.85211b81f2aca6a917def405320344dc.jpg
  2. Knead a good dough, put basin, cover the room temperature fermentation. Dough fermentation 1.5 times to twice the size, fingers dip flour, jack dough does not retract, do not collapse, fermentation is completed.8dc3e9df2f0c074bfb954d4b06780b43.jpg
  3. Fermented dough to take out, squeeze the exhaust, the average divided into three equal parts, spheronization, cover plastic wrap room temperature proofing 15 to 20 minutes.13a0fa8aa1953ca68dd39aaa299845a7.jpg
  4. Remove one of the dough, roll with a rolling pin into a 28 × 15 cm rectangle, the specific length and the baking tray, do not grow after the baking tray can be. Evenly coated bean paste filling, about 50 grams each of bean paste filling, both sides and the bottom edge to have a little blank. (If the bean paste filling dry, you can add a little bit of cold water a little bit of dilution, but must not add too much, and to beat evenly). Smear can use the kind of flat wood shovel, you can also use silicone scraper, roughly spread out on it.8c705a5469b4c5da0b220b8ab8407d2c.jpg
  5. From the upper side of the long side of the volume, elastic moderate volume to the head, the edge of the next pinch, two are also clenched down.609f28274c20feb7d405ef05d5c9706a.jpg
  6. Nie good look. All are well rolled and kneaded down.4060426a485e9fe83f01f9737b72b825.jpg
  7. Take one of them, gently squash, cut with a knife from the middle, pay attention to the top do not cut off.2178903546f3af622aa29b9d4eded662.jpg
  8. And then cut the two strips, cross-twist each other, as far as possible upward incision.e4dc30351217e77402f27eea9fdec30c.jpg
  9. Twist to the end, the rear clenched, pressed to the bottom.7c00bbaa07c598e8b454b9de390cfffa.jpg
  10. After all three are twisted, place in the pan.5f16802bff6257f374e04ed20e35f462.jpg
  11. Into the oven fermentation, fermented to 1.5 times to twice the size, take out (you can brush egg, I did not brush, if the brush egg, we should be exceptionally prepared, not within 35 grams). Preheat the oven 180 degrees.0e5ffd655bdd9bef74297ca31d912372.jpg
  12. Into the middle of the oven, up and down the fire 175 degrees, 30 minutes. Note that the timely satisfaction of color coated with aluminum foil to prevent baked paste. Baked! Is not it tempting?deb19ea218029e0ba526d3800298e773.jpg
  13. Sugar powder on the screen, more beautiful it!7011b4fbb268049781bea31c7462f72d.jpg
  14. Tear to eat, wow, taste super stick! The more chewing the more fragrant, food for thought! Do you want to tear a piece to eat? What are you waiting for? Do it quickly! Strongly recommended Oh ^ _ ^ f2c1d2dc774aa7209ebe706da05e537d.jpg
  15. Eat bread, you can put in a vacuum crisper, can effectively prevent the bread air-dried, delay the aging of bread. The shop link is on my home kitchen page. Interested in small partners can poke here:, or Taobao search store number: 68057999929cc96401abdb1e66a1928b4c8d730b.jpg
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  17. Add some homemade bean paste method: beans in advance soak soak soft, add appropriate amount of water Zhulan, leaving less of some soup, put the machine labeled as mud, put the right amount of sugar frying pan, not too wet, Can not use up to freeze ~


  1. Different flour different water absorption in different seasons, the volume of liquid in the prescription, I use the appropriate standard, for reference only, please control the specific amount of water. Each oven temper is different, the temperature and time, please master. 2. Recommended the best machine and surface, saving time and effort. 3. Baking pan size can be arbitrary, as long as you can put down. If it is 28 * 28 baking pan, the dough can be divided into four, their free Kazakhstan. 4. Dousha Xian filling dosage can be arbitrarily increase or decrease, but not recommended to add too much. (Bean paste can buy, can also be made, if it is homemade, should pay attention to the appropriate humidity, too dry do not open, too thin plastic). No red bean paste can also be used with other fillings, like like. 5. No light cream, you can use milk replacement, minus 10 grams. 6. Eat bread, you can put the electric vacuum preservation box, can effectively prevent the bread air-dried, delaying the aging of the bread, in my kitchen personal home page has a crisper link, there is a need to pro-can see.