• Eggs (60g or so) 4
  • Corn oil 40 g
  • Milk 52g
  • Low-gluten flour 52g
  • Fine sugar 60g-65g
  • Lemon juice a little (negligible)
  • Green tea flavor
  • High-quality green tea powder (I use Indocalamus) 8g
  • Low-gluten flour 45g (if the yolk paste too thick I will increase 5-10 grams of milk)
  • Cocoa flavor
  • Favana cocoa powder 10g (like the rich can be increased to 12g)
  • Low gluten flour 42g


  1. Protein and egg yolk separation, this does not take the map, the protein must be clean in the absence of oil and water containers, the eggs do not have to be very accurate grams, but the size really do not exceed too much, 4 50 grams of eggs with 4 70 grams of eggs, how far can imagine how far you can be a big point to another small point, anyway, about 60g on the line.

  2. Add the milk, stir, I usually are circle with the zigzag (pictured), while the right hand while mixing the left hand clockwise to the mixing pot, stirring even better to emulsify, do not stir a few even if the.

  3. Add corn oil, such as the last step mix, milk and oil must be fully integrated, which is the so-called emulsification, in short, is not the way oil and water separation, a good fusion together.367eff987c3cd78df5cb2f5cd8d1f78b.jpg
  4. Add low-sifted powder, mix well! Must be uniform, no visual particles, circle a little scratches but stopped stirring quickly disappeared after the mark, bring the egg whisk batter quickly drip. To really mix the uneven even afraid of the flour from the tendon to put about to mix (but I personally for the low powder from the tendons that have deep suspicion) will soon be able to mix well, do not have too tangled, Can also be more delicate, but I do not lazy generally do this step.3d1be85638c35d0094d08c342a788ef4.jpg
  5. One of the key! The original side, there is a feature is not oil-paper tarpaulins, put the batter directly to the gold plate, in fact, is the end of the towel, I think it is quite easy to wash linoleum, but gradually found to raise this a lot of trouble, and the new Gold plate Fortunately, layer wear will also affect the stripping. So I refer to the practice of Xiao Ting sister, buy a special tarpaulins, cut into the size of the gold plate, the four sides have to cover to Oh, the knife like a knife, please refer to the following figureaf14f5b8f8953516a5ddcd0126bba779.jpg
  6. Can not see clearly? It is the best place is a towel at the end, I tried to use oil on paper will not necessarily completely towel at the end, and sometimes the bottom will be baked too, but tarpaulins will not, and second, recycling, environmental protection and convenient! In fact, many stores have to sell, I like to buy in the market, I have also used a good three, as Xiao Ting sister also have to do this buy tarpaulins, in fact, I think almost friendse65ee81eb5556a176cf67c52fceee08b.jpg
  7. Then you can preheat the oven, and generally I sent the protein before the preheating, preheating 190 degrees. Put a few drops of lemon juice, is conducive to pass the protein, in fact, I do not have to be friends, is the habit, this kind of bottled lemon juice and fresh candd25ed3fe8b16f8aa6ba0e1737a59684.jpg
  8. Three times by adding fine sugar, I think it is easier to pass the delicate protein cream. The first time when the bubble is addeda3b7a6752a12dd546bc6f80b438aeabd.jpg
  9. The second is to start to join the lines, but the protein cream is still relatively rough, the picture seems to have a little, do not know if there was not shot wrong, but I think this timing is not great87c9047b71ef553318c6c1de73162e4d.jpg
  10. The third is to appear more delicate lines, but not too late to add the oh, because the cake volume do not pass too much.ab5d5fb3778add33b7286c9493754341.jpg
  11. The final state is a big hook, the most important is delicate delicate delicate! The secret is to look at their whisk, not the whole high-speed pass! This will be very easy to play, but not delicate, I see the situation, usually after the sugar added I began to turn in the low-speed, I will in one place Stay for a few seconds and then turn the egg whips and then stay a few seconds, and so on until the plate turn around. This can destroy large bubbles to make protein cream more delicatec3e0b5703a8a15e431bfb0b7e4f869e9.jpg
  12. From the height of 20cm into the pan, force a few shocks to remove large bubbles, is the volume of the surface you want to compare smooth, smooth with a spatula9d39c0a3d888d003af02b230fe21b1e8.jpg
  13. After wiping the figure, I do not pay attention to you, you can also smooth a little5e832af4976cd43ca64bd14ea9e1e759.jpg
  14. Put in a preheated oven. 190 degrees 18 minutes in the middle, I believe that each cookbook will be nagging, the specific temperature with time only for reference, with their own circumstances, I think the last few minutes to always watch, color to almost, the cake has retracted, Touch the surface by hand (be careful hot) Oh, if it is dry, gently press the feeling of no rustling can be released. I do not immediately cover up the surface of the paper, because the cake roll when the heat is easy to gather water vapor to the oil on the paper caused by sticking to the surface, I was a little bit a little warm to put a few minutes Oil cover when it is too dry to prevent cracking08b0407e9906c14ee299c878c9961b11.jpg
  15. Put the cream on the way to cool, the first speed after the medium-speed labeled as relatively hard state, you want to compare the volume of round cake cream is necessary to hit Oh, as shown, put the fruit I was 180 grams of cream, I usually blue windmill and iron Mascaponic cream98ba2f66c6dd40829772a85bdcabcab9.jpg
  16. Let cool, then the surface is a piece of paper before the cover of the Oh! Flip the tarpaulin off the back to wipe the cream. (Anti-roll is to re-cover oil-paper flip more than once) Next is the volume of the cake process diagram, and did not make jigsaw is to let you try to see. Wiping cream in front of more behind the back, usually the last few centimeters I do not wipe867c2b272cb174553fbc1074d93726cf.jpg
  17. With a rolling pin to lift the oil paper, the other hand is best braved the other end of the cake roll, so as not to roll when the slide75e25c7065b18451f0aa200d88188865.jpg
  18. Mentioned in front of the fruit covered with a light pressure, rolling pin to roll in front of the cake Oh4e33ed1c2d3b058c5a4900f4f3e6bc9f.jpg
  19. Homeopathic rolling pin forward, the cake will naturally into the volume, the picture did not express too clearly, in fact, there are many online microblogging video, we really do not understand their own Soso. The whole process to be fast and accurate! Dawdle for a long time, of course, will crack it!313a993bed38562ac7d8cd3b137cb043.jpg
  20. The last side of the mention of the bottom of the oil side of the roll with a rolling pin to the cake roll pressure, the volume volume tight, a little round, it is recommended that the volume of paper cakes do not stingy long paper!97eaa3e44bcf0996b17defe0b7139cf5.jpg
  21. Roll a good look, try not to flip the cake too many times prone to wrinkles, but usually I do not mind these sections, ha ha, will be a lot better about frozen, a small crack is also, as far as possible on the bottom of the shut , Cut out to look better. Place in the refrigerator for at least one hour to cut.57d512c67393c054425d6301a5958c17.jpg