Baked cake never change its case, countless prescription seems to have almost, but it is the slightest absurdity of thousands of miles. Many partners must have encountered on the Pizza confusion: Chifeng soft loading is not ideal, sponge tough but not as good as Chifeng light texture… before I have made a load-bearing and taste are OK cake recipe, but the amount of oil and noodles Are too large. The sub-egg sponge cake recipe I have repeatedly adjusted ratio, the success rate is relatively high, soft and delicate and flexible, very little oil. Worth a try. No time to shoot step map, and then make it up. 6-inch prescription.



  • 3 eggs
  • Low-gluten powder 60g
  • Fine sugar 60g
  • Corn oil or butter 20g
  • Milk 30g


  1. Anhydrous oil-free pots separated from egg white, put a small bowl of spare egg yolk.

  2. Protein drops a few drops of lemon juice, sugar all 3 times to join, sent to the rigid foam.

  3. In order to join the egg yolk, a join playing even with the next one, sent to the high-speed texture to the text does not disappear, and then sent to the low-speed rotary basin bubble finishing, so thick and delicate fluffy custard.

  4. Flour 25cm high degree of sieve into the egg paste, with a sponge to turn over mixing method. Pay attention to every bargain dug about what we should quickly shake off the mix of dry powder on the knife, while the left hand wheel.

  5. Mix until no dry powder, the milk and corn oil fully emulsified, water heated to 45 degrees, extended knife handle into the batter, and quickly continue to mix to the delicate mix no fluffy particles.

  6. Pour into the mold to 8 minutes full, shake the bubble, into the preheated oven.

  7. 150 degrees hot air baking 35 minutes. Baked down to cool, stripping.