Mei Ling porridge should be in Nanjing, as a Hangzhou sister in Nanjing, Nanjing big-name stalls after eating obsession, leave home to eat less, had their own concocted by the feeling of grace. M are boil the taste, and soya-bean milk, really super-dependent ah. === The following copy from the degree of mother === There is a time when it is said that Ms. Song Meiling Chafanbusi, so the government chef with rice and milk boil a pot of porridge, Song Meiling drink appetite, and later became her favorite A porridge. Later, it spread to the people, the fine-sounding name”Mei Ling porridge.” ============== For the second time to do Mei Ling porridge take the point of the rose lip purple map to do the cover, more like this XD =========== See the final tip



  • Milk 800ml
  • Water 250ml
  • Glutinous rice 80g
  • Rice 20g
  • Yam 200g
  • Chinese wolfberry
  • Rock sugar / dry roses


  1. Glutinous rice and rice mixed with a few hours after the dip, yam washed steamed.88ae85a17413a575ad51274bddcd77e8.jpg
  2. Water and soy milk mixed well heated to boiling, add soaked rice.f5369d0173d19a6207483804a1bec40d.jpg
  3. Yam steamed peeled, into the bag with a rolling pin or hand pressed into a mud, a little bit to stay a little small does not matter. And then boiled in soy milk when the rice into, turn small Huoao.84828bcf8c922b4001dacf16549def0b.jpg
  4. Often stirring, be careful bottom and overflow, about 40 minutes of small Huoao can boil rice, add rock sugar stirring.13623ce1bf03694b68aa2a3b20b51bc5.jpg
  5. Wolfberry take blisters open, put the top to do decoration, point of purple lips. Or dry rose petals torn off to casual ^ ^58cd97a972fd3cf9e49bc70e86564fd5.jpg


It is said that with the casserole boil better times. In fact, I do not know what the professional formula, the Internet search the two comprehensive look at their own look at TU. If your home only indica rice is also OK, but there is a choice of the case is certainly better taste of japonica rice. Q: How to do without glutinous rice? A: Buy. Q: soy milk to buy okay? Their fight to filter it? A: buy can, pay attention to the concentration and whether the pre-tune the sweet, self-adjusted water and sugar ratio. Their milk to fight to filter. Q: Can you use Soymilk? A: do not advocate, very different taste. Q: Can I use a pressure cooker / voltage cooker? Basic reference Douban grams of uncle, improved steam yam, easier to cooked ~ I use the glutinous rice is round glutinous rice, so mixed with rice, if it is not a long sticky rice mixed. A: I tried the voltage cooker, can reach 70% of the taste slowly boil. Suggestions have the opportunity to try or slow boil, stunning degree is completely different! Q: Can you add lily / white fungus? Can you use other soy milk? A: Xi greatly encouraged us to innovation I do not stop ha ha ha ha. Q: What brand of glass pot ah? A: Corning VISIONS. Q: What is the font of the picture? A:”Mei Ling porridge”is the Kangxi dictionary body,”mushroom”book body Square snow pure body. Last update: 2/13/2015 I use the soy milk is their own cooking, already very strong, so add the water. You can adjust the proportion of grace, as appropriate! ^^ ============== FAQ ============== Q: What is the rice? General rice can not do? A: rice is a kind of rice, we eat rice is generally divided into indica rice and japonica rice, the specific taste difference is still there. From the appearance, indica rice slim, japonica partial ellipse. In general, indica rice suitable for”dry”rice, rice suitable for porridge.