On the soup



  • Baby food (small points of the two
  • Cooked salted duck a
  • A ham
  • Preserved eggs one
  • Water appropriate
  • Salt appropriate
  • Green onion amount
  • Amount of edible oil


  1. Baby food cut into strips2ac00da15890d0ebe42de33b3d576f07.jpg
  2. The ham, duck eggs preserved eggsc1749abe3025fbde35c428aa4907492f.jpg
  3. Heat pan into the cooking oil, into the baby food fried ~ thrown into a little salt, stir fry evenly, pour some water, cover the lid stew for a while469187bdda22e2d9b0cdb7aef82ed299.jpg
  4. Baby vegetable stew cooked in this waybd92101e2bbaa02de72afd8df50da99b.jpg
  5. Put the baby dish evenly on the plate3c29a89b563869bc6ec089471fd22dab.jpg
  6. Add the appropriate amount of water to boil the pot into the ham, preserved eggs, salted duck eggs397245ff9762c2d43d0f87da20238948.jpg
  7. Fire boil for a while, if the duck is not salty enough salt, not enough to transfer into the point of salt, do not need chicken before the pan thrown into the green onion20d06ec9ebf60c8e6ca05e5c27750c65.jpg
  8. The soup poured on the baby food just fine! Thick soup, mixed with the delicious taste of salted egg yolk ~ and the color is also very beautiful (∩ _ ∩)16118b509f192b3cf53c316520263b79.jpg