Soft Huoli cake with fruit, topped with honey, can be described as a very quick breakfast, colorful appetite. [Meet the breakfast, good thing after another] Life is full of numerous opportunities to change, as the butterfly effect in general, seemingly small changes, it may bring new life to the situation. From the beginning of the day to start it! With the New Zealand dessert dessert series from Anja, prepare a hearty, nutritious breakfast for yourself and your family to start your day with gratification and joy. Let you bit by bit, towards the dream of life near. View more An Jia breakfast recipe:



  • An Jia butter 20 grams
  • Low-gluten flour 100 grams
  • 1 egg
  • 250 grams of milk
  • 30 grams of fine sugar
  • Fruit amount
  • Light cream amount


  1. The material is ready1fc067014eeedf98f9434459ca6b5abd.jpg
  2. An Jia butter water melted, and eggs, sugar, milk, together into the egg dish, with egg pumping the material mixture evenly1ecc953cb40e0b595f22fea244cdb215.jpg
  3. Melted Anjia butter, eggs, sugar, milk into the egg disha1af5ec8f5d31e7eaf68128ccf39b640.jpg
  4. Sieve into the low gluten flour, stir well, standing for a whilea9c275a02454fd0bdf9a0dd256ddc955.jpg
  5. Add a small amount of An Jia butter pot, heated until the butter melts. Add a spoonful of batter, just thinly covered with moldc249ab74ce72603a8974e25d48b63a68.jpg
  6. Heat a small fire, the batter will be slightly cooked at the bottom of the bubble, the edge of a little yellow shifta3ad14a9222fc0cc449d75ab748a3fe9.jpg
  7. Direct deduction out of Liang Liang, do a good crepes squeezed cream, add the fruit can be63839f2806bc09fb96d9c67670cb00a4.jpg


  1. Pave batter, as far as possible dilute, like the edge of the coke can be a little longer to extend the heating time, the batter is not cooked cakes will easily rotten 2. Flour water absorption is not the same, too thick, please add a little milk, good liquidity is easy to dilute 3. You can add the favorite fruit, to send a little cream stuffing clip is also very delicious to do it