Popular under the baby rabbit baby ~



  • Dough material
  • High - gluten flour (Acacia commune) 200g
  • Fine sugar 25g
  • Salt
  • Yeast 3g
  • Whole egg 20g
  • Milk 110g
  • Salt-free butter 25g
  • Stuffing
  • 5 hot dogs
  • decoration
  • Egg amount
  • Dark chocolate right amount


  1. The dough material except the butter is placed in the barrel of the bread machine, kneaded until the dough surface is smooth, can pull out the thick film. Add the butter.c3d516370ac95d1c37f080177c7339d3.jpg
  2. Add the butter and knead until the dough is fully extended.5cf066ba7a4c8a67e4cb52266b15298a.jpg
  3. The dough was placed at a temperature for basic fermentation (ambient temperature about 27 & lt; 0 & gt; C)235b0e3e5ebe6ec2fa49f1d63ae91848.jpg
  4. Fermented to the dough to grow to 2-3 times, fingers dipped in flour into the dough, the small hole does not rebound or a little rebound, the dough does not collapse.f99d9222a8869a310cad1380936dd660.jpg
  5. The dough was divided into 5 equal portions, each about 72-75 g. Roll the dough round and relax for 15 minutes.58e50f67edbc16055eb2e0ddcedb448d.jpg
  6. Take a loosely dough and roll it into an oval shape.50b4e73e32e66f635455a983b1690ef7.jpg
  7. After rolling into a bar, tighten the interface.af194fcf13849d92fe6ed41f6bd23a23.jpg
  8. Roll all the dough in sequence, in order.4a53b824f66e469499f40003db952cd4.jpg
  9. Take out the first roll of dough and knead it into strips of about 40cm.2786513888c3a23bf37131d574ec8724.jpg
  10. Dough the surface with a thin layer of flour, fold, dry the surface of the hot dog, the hot dog on the dough.bcda050f15ed000bcf00f2ca948ee11a.jpg
  11. Place the dough on the other side of the hot dog. Slightly organized under the shape of the rabbit.a7481f9359479f42800b22338d0413ef.jpg
  12. In turn, all the dough plastic, in the warm and humid place for the final fermentation of about 30 minutes to the dough was growing up. (Ambient temperature about 35-37 ° C)b1867002259a177870992c389a33968a.jpg
  13. Finally, after the end of fermentation, brush the egg surface in the dough.784623bcffe5bdeb44754fb4a8b45671.jpg
  14. Into a good preheated oven, lit 175 ℃, under fire 160 degrees Celsius, bake about 17 minutes.3c4a1480032156b92efcf1eaf80a6c1e.jpg
  15. After the bread is cooled, melt the dark chocolate to draw the rabbit eyes.6a0cee1e3420a2e6f5ca9d64f2e54da8.jpg


I used the high-gluten flour in the commune, and the flour used to make the bunny’s strength just right. This flour has a lower water absorption than gold. You can also use 150g high-gluten bread flour + 30g low-gluten flour, to replace the formula 200g high-gluten flour,