Soy sauce fried rice, for the love of small and heavy partners, is absolutely satisfied with the taste of God rice! I try to come out of this version, very, very simple, we do it!



  • Remain the right amount of rice
  • Onion amount
  • One egg
  • Soy sauce (soy sauce) amount
  • A small amount of cooking wine
  • A small amount of oyster sauce
  • Sugar a small amount


  1. A bowl of the amount of rice leftovers, with two or three tablespoons soy sauce, a little cooking wine, a little sugar, plus a little oil and mix well. After mixing according to the cover of this recipe to observe the color, according to the color to decide whether to add sauce or rice.

  2. Beaten eggs spare. Wok, pour a little oil, the eggs into the fast fried pieces, Sheng out of standby.

  3. And then pour a little oil, add diced green onion and saute, stir well into the rice stir well.

  4. The eggs into the pot and mix well, try the taste, and finally add a little oyster sauce pan.


Fried rice, the remaining rice is better than fresh rice.