Video Address: do Shi Kang cake do not over-kneading, only the basic press molding can be. 1, Si Kangcai recommended to eat completely after cooling, only baked out, which will be more humid, cool and dry some. However, if the inside is very wet, may be too much light cream, or oven temperature is high, resulting in the outside color inside not baked in place. 2, the thickness of the cake in 1.5 or so, do not pressure too thin. 3, if the pursuit of very fluffy taste, you can increase the amount of baking powder to 1tsp, do not like baking powder flavor with 1 / 2tsp on it ~ 4, Shi Kang cake dough without rubbing smooth, Generally pressed together, will not spread on it. 5, the formula Scone flavor is relatively light, suitable for smear jam, cream to eat; if you like light to eat, it is recommended to increase the taste according to about 20g of fine sugar. The Scone is not only quick and really delicious, not only good to eat, but really can consume a lot of light cream used up each time to open the cream will be the Secretary Cankang end ~



  • Low-gluten flour 250g
  • Light cream 240-250g
  • Fine sugar 2Tbsp (30g)
  • Salt 1 / 2tsp (1-2g)
  • Baking powder 1 / 2tsp (3g-4g)


  1. Mix all ingredients other than light cream. (Scone in this recipe is light, suitable for smears of jam and cream; if you prefer light, it is recommended to add about 20g of fine sugar depending on the taste.c77b09539231584c232f0a8468d51257.jpg
  2. Fully mixing, mixing evenly3cbbdd9af26a64b84d4bc115f878e290.jpg
  3. Into the light cream (according to the different water absorption of flour, with 240-250g light cream, just mix the flour can be, do not dough too wet)c349949ab6b945077ec9730277ef5480.jpg
  4. Mix slightly into a doughf378358b61c82d0d4e396a875fca95c2.jpg
  5. Put a little flour on the chopping block anti-stick, transfer out of the doughd953e328caa0cab12bc6ee60783ee080.jpg
  6. Do not over-kneading dough! Dough with the press method, the basic shape of the dough can be, do not rub to the surface smooth (about 1.5cm thick dough). Hard kneading dough, will lead to the Secretary Cankang not grow up.51bd6141b610f195bb8b2ef2bf92ee0f.jpg
  7. Cup or bottle or mousse circle, coated in the cup mouth appropriate amount of flour anti-stick, the pressure on the dough round pie. Let the cake set to relax about 20 minutes (baked out will be more fluffy)aed263ffe47b330810a3f41568d05211.jpg
  8. A baking paper is placed on the top of the baking tray, and an egg is spread and smeared on the surface and surrounding7a9ccfbf8cd359db1fd927b8c0655ae2.jpg
  9. Preheat the oven 200 degrees, into the middle, bake for about 20 minutes, the surface color can be83a10cc9cf6bcedeb002a566f12a5291.jpg
  10. After cooling, with their own like the jam, butter, thick cream to eat ~385f24faa8e2ec56a40dd15325225a6e.jpg