Most most. . . Homemade a pasta, it is suitable for devouring.



  • Tomato 1
  • 2 eggs
  • Vegetables amount
  • Onion amount
  • Oil a number
  • A small amount of chicken
  • Salt a small amount
  • 3 tablespoons of tomato sauce sauce


  1. Do breakfast, so generally one day in advance ready ingredients, and will not get up in the morning rush slightly.be22f70faf7633b9b17fc732fcbf657e.jpg
  2. Wash vegetables and choose clean, cut tomatoes.19a81e9eee3bbaad0de49023320dbcd3.jpg
  3. Eggs add a little salt, chopsticks break up.100773ca5681ecec15dcbdde22e47c53.jpg
  4. A person to live, the pot is super universal utility, pot Riga a little oil, eggs, fried!2933c0fa0e353181384ae0f899e4df03.jpg
  5. Eggs, a little shape under the tomato, add tomato sauce, add water, cook, and finally under the vegetables, put the right amount of salt and chicken.49be13b4a704ecef387be86968a542d2.jpg
  6. Well, sprinkle with a small onion bowl, is not super fast?86d0602dddff1d6cd8706dd2bf20338f.jpg
  7. The face of good ~facfe4365be70e1ccd3125cc9b3e229e.jpg
  8. As a nutrient-rich fast-hand breakfast, how can we not with fresh fruit and yogurt, open to eat ~b743d53dee1f4c3caf56aff90757b5c7.jpg


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