Recently, the cooking group is simply addiction. Spring is great, whether it is to picnic, or with breakfast lunch, rice balls are an excellent choice. Broccoli color is really good-looking, chopped mixed in rice, really like the stars as cute. Broccoli sliced ​​with olive oil, stir fry, the taste is very fresh! In fact, this rice ball can be called”a whole broccoli rice regiment”~



  • Rice 200g
  • Broccoli 5-6 flowers (usually cut into the size of cooking)
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil (I use Olive Oil) One tablespoon (10ml)
  • The ground black pepper is a little
  • Ready-to-eat ham (optional) Two pieces (pelletized)
  • Salt a little


  1. First look at all the materials. Super simple da ~ (instant ham because it is not necessary, so there is no ~ ~)6b59a7b94ff975e0f6278e71bcd2a09b.jpg
  2. Add broccoli in boiling water and cook for one minute to two minutes. Drain the water, the head of the”shredded grain chopped”32d1e62bf55677065387525fd1db9d91.jpg
  3. The remaining part of the rod cut into small particles90e6db765e69e8bd38cdeb15a2049a1d.jpg
  4. Add the small broiled head of broccoli broccoli into the cooked rice. At the same time add a little salt and black pepper. But tens of millions of salt to less, so the next stuffing inside but also salt. (In the rice can be added a lost olive oil Titian. A lost concept is: 5 - 6 drops ~ ~ ~ ~)a8892d2c85ae1b840812806e4a6428ac.jpg
  5. Mix the rice well.daf83d26a17c56fbef0afc48da19577c.jpg
  6. Add a spoonful of olive oil to the pot. Here is worth mentioning olive oil. My family has always been with the oil’s ~ ~ (Shanghai people on this brand is very emotional, like a white rabbit with candy)bf992ec0d0580cc677d58e60346dbafb.jpg
  7. Add broccoli and ham to a quick fry. Add a little salt and black pepper.71d66e0d23f54983373bd29096759d6a.jpg
  8. Now to rice balls. You can bring with the disposable gloves and then marked with a little water. This is not easy to stick. Put a spoonful of rice on the palm of your hand (the rice ball is relatively small, less than about 100g, about the average size of a palm girl) and then pave the way.a896eae2d90e2eaddefff993f466a833.jpg
  9. Add a spoonful of fillings to the rice434e0840d2f2fef16733ec294ab0c22b.jpg
  10. Hands together as a book like the rice together, stuffing into the package automatically. Two pinch a little like.82854ce5c6a13f780a31d4ff77f186f4.jpg
  11. Stuffing automatically into the bag. Two pinch a little like.791b02ef3b7e868df002441f8388f93c.jpg
  12. Look at the”closed book”rice ballsddbdbac4c013f999c4417a1d049d70aa.jpg
  13. The rice ball after pinching start plastic. This is a round rice ball, very simple.81616656bfdc048276f3ac221b0259eb.jpg
  14. Look, the extra-high olive oil color broccoli rice balls to do it!8a97d4bdb7c8fe2ba8debd2c9ca67a90.jpg
  15. Super spring there is no ~ ~4bac65981cbe3f06140abc845fd50252.jpg


Super good to do this rice balls, as long as the quality of olive oil, scent is very fresh and natural ~ ~