Simple homemade dishes, although the material is simple, but the taste Bang Bang Da! Absolute catch-up Shaxian snacks fried rice noodles!



  • One egg
  • Longkou a fan
  • Cabbage amount
  • Salad oil amount
  • Sucking amount
  • Steamed fish, soy sauce amount
  • Chicken amount


  1. Long hair with hot blisters fans, about ten minutes. After soaking with soft scissors cut into small pieces. Cabbage cut into filaments spare.

  2. Wok oil, such as oil, heat the eggs directly knock into the pot, and then take the spatula quickly slip.

  3. Add chopped cabbage, fry until the color (change listless).

  4. Add soft soaked fans, add soy sauce and steamed soy sauce, beaten with chopsticks to fans evenly colored.

  5. Stir fry to become soft, add chicken, transfer to the plate.


Because soy sauce and soy sauce are all with salt taste, so this dish does not need salt salty enough. If there is sesame oil, then you can put two drops of sesame oil, fragrant, quickly enjoy it.