Leek favorite, rich flavor, nutrient-rich, no matter how to eat, like, leek box is commonplace, Gesanchawu do.



  • Flour 500 grams
  • 260 grams of boiling water
  • 800 grams of leek
  • Shrimp amount
  • 3 eggs
  • Edible oil, Shi Sanxiang, salt, monosodium glutamate


  1. 90 degrees plus water, flour, add side while stirring, stir into floc.a3c8ed4f29b3a3464fb31c50af9f294c.jpg
  2. Put all flocculent pieces together by hand and knead them into a smooth dough. Cover with plastic wrap and let stand for 20 minutes.2214d46357e7bb45a1a78fb9e6b8f144.jpg
  3. Wash chives control dry water, chopped back.0ca784310a8d5fd99ef57f76c14b4350.jpg
  4. Add corn oil gently stir evenly, not excessive stirring, so that each piece of chives have been wrapped in oil, so that leeks will not be too much soup.6f3e4cf4411324923932cbabed42c45e.jpg
  5. Add 13 Shi Xiang, salt, monosodium glutamate, adding appropriate shrimp, and then add a good fried pieces of eggs in advance, turning evenly.9ceabb9a539a4b7db1900fbbc8ec57f7.jpg
  6. A state of good quality.a6a2b27ceedbd87d610980f422ef0d6a.jpg
  7. Remove the dough and knead again for a while, knead until smooth.beddac8e7f57eb9bc86d374e3c55a4fe.jpg
  8. Rubbing growth bar.2884043cbf4e46bc18af29181ea267c8.jpg
  9. Cut into uniform size of small agents.44ef10430d61404ef92367293a6c9d51.jpg
  10. Take a small agent roll into larger round cake skin, into the leek egg filling.e966a0c463b5a8098949ccd4daca80cf.jpg
  11. Aligned on both sides, pinch pinch.2dd5afcc2f8f2337ada0fc4150a2907b.jpg
  12. Pinch the lace, pinching method see step map, a closer look, it is not difficult. Do not pinch flowers can, will not affect the taste Kazakhstan.b983bf38275f8895bab2d954cbed172b.jpg
  13. All wrapped, pinch the flowers.d2dfc64450416055b3c98df8dc935d7a.jpg
  14. Fry pan to heat a small amount of oil, till the oil heat, followed by the leek into the box.bbf0df398db61103d0b1d8ece32dc427.jpg
  15. Bottom of the branding discoloration, turning to bake, while turn over the branding system, more than a few times, at any time observed, cooked like, diligent turn, do not paste the paste.ac2e070bd423c55dc805120512ec0db6.jpg
  16. All branding, transfer, start! Fragrance floating house, delicious!5de85c8fbe2f146c87cd2783bacfc8eb.jpg
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  1. And the surface of the water must be 85 degrees to 90 degrees. 2. leeks must control dry water, chopped after the first mixed with oil, and then add other spices, this step is very important.