How do you cook an oven? Autumn, a warm baked rice in front, there are warm tomatoes, tender chicken, rich cheese potatoes, in the late autumn afternoon just taking advantage of the sun, with a cup of sweet hot cocoa, is how to enjoy ??



  • 150 grams of chicken breast
  • Carrot half root
  • A potato
  • One and a half tomatoes
  • Green peppers half
  • Red pepper half
  • Black pepper amount
  • Amount of powder
  • Appropriate amount of tomato sauce
  • salt
  • sugar
  • Soy sauce a spoonful
  • Onion half
  • The mozzarella cheese is chopped


  1. Diced tomatoes, onions, shredded sparee58a88b82646a3d2c048e5b39db902c3.jpg
  2. Potatoes, carrots, diced, green peppers and red pepper shredded sparecc04e63ffdf7df14849a45dfefa0bb69.jpg
  3. Chicken cut, add a spoonful of starch, the amount of black pepper and mix well, marinated for 15 minutes or more38da2b3df36467c423d46d0e58308942.jpg
  4. Pot of butter or any amount of edible oil can be75905b5349b70d19eef002480cedcf60.jpg
  5. Heat the oil until the onion stir fry34a38d8d7b0de62123364069527ef79e.jpg
  6. After the onion fragrance comes out, put the marinated chicken to spread quicklyfc1247dbf4d322ac35ba1c3930302bd4.jpg
  7. Chicken color after adding white potatoes, stir fry75fb6089ac68602c099c5ba214d8d813.jpg
  8. Such as carrots and potatoes after breaking into the tomato Dingdb8add9bea78ee6466003887e481a25f.jpg
  9. Until the tomatoes soften, add the appropriate amount of water, tomato sauce, a spoonful of soy sauce, cover and simmer until the potato carrot soft rotten, thick soup, salt, chicken seasoning off the fire.2385aa8d7f846033f22e34e0a52ea1ff.jpg
  10. In the bowl add two small bowl of rice, a little paved, do not press too real92697fe09a0cee25aae69170e508dc40.jpg
  11. On the rice covered with just cooked tomato chicken, the soup is also poured on the70355539994e1b6258140683ebfafa18.jpg
  12. First shop a layer of cheese, and then covered with green peppers and cut the green peppers, and then covered with a layer of cheese7f6d64a71d1b0a6bb85af01bd7cd9ef7.jpg
  13. Preheat the oven 200 degrees, baked for 15 minutes or so, to soften the cheese can be removed. Serve hot, super delicious Oh!7c16f08ae3c8a9f86988cf62f2aebf78.jpg


If you feel that cooking when the tomato sauce is not enough acid, you can also add a little scoop vinegar seasoning, as delicious!