The most natural ingredients to make delicious healthy breakfast ^^ ~ This recipe comes from microblogging @ fitness kitchen man, the amount of slightly changed, about 460 kcal, two people can eat, and then point with fruit nuts to become healthy breakfast ^ _ ^



  • Banana (the more cooked the better) 1
  • 1 egg
  • Milk about 80ml
  • Flour about 70g


  1. Ready to material, I was not electronic, with the amount of cups (we can use the amount of spoon or a meter cup with a scale) gently with the amount of cup scoop up 150ml of flour (not compaction) is equal to about 70g flour friends267306e13031d4f8bb995c7ebc8f9642.jpg
  2. Ripe banana with a knife to cut thin, Daocheng Mianmian mud, you can use porcelain spoon pressure, the finer the better Yeah, banana water will not ripe banana do Sese, not sweet, so do not worry Ohda3c890481fcadfcb016c98a21265c1e.jpg
  3. Make an egg, add milk, mix togetherb2a0abeefcc7b04f6d34c8ca7682fdfc.jpg
  4. Add flour, mix together ^ _ ^ Z-shaped font mix (best not to draw the circle, the flour will be from the tendons)d119320c7e26a5b919ce84f1e061e12d.jpg
  5. The final paste is so ~ there is liquidity, but also not too thin, like a little thick yogurt state (can be a little bit of salt)672002c8d2dc92bef463142a70299aa3.jpg
  6. (1) ready】 【non-stick pan, open a small fire, the first hot pot, do not oil (fear of pan dip can drop one or two). (2) turn the minimum fire, with a spoon (soup pot spoon Kazakhstan) dig a tablespoon down (3) to see the surface of small pores can turn over ^ ^ a shovel, double, crisp, not secretly Set off to see, the color will be uneven.ca28ed48f007f5c45125ed9d0eaa122c.jpg
  7. Turn over and wait for a while (no more than a minute) you can shovel on the plate47c1de8f4a14208bf03ac808357971a2.jpg
  8. OK, open to eat ^ ^ soft, thick banana flavor ~a26d6e1c23f66d90c4c7a8c8d32bcfdb.jpg


[On the key to make a smooth look good color] Pour the batter to a one-time completion, do not think cake small added, so there is the air over there when the turn is not smooth. Spoon batter when not playing circle circle, but fixed, the batter automatically flow into a circle. Must use non-stick pan! Must use non-stick pan! Do not have oil ~ so there will be no different shades of the circle ~ [color too fast too deep problem] can be fried after a clean wipe with a quick damp cloth, play a cooling effect, too coke may be Bitter taste da ~