Recently fell in love with the purchasing shop to buy the valley and the large Leba, sour sweet raisins with rich walnut is simply delicious and nutritious ah. Helpless Daigou to more than 50 a, or do they want to do it up recipe, the taste decided not worse than the valley and Oh!



  • High-gluten flour 300 grams
  • Whole wheat flour 50 grams
  • 60 grams of fine sugar
  • Egg two
  • Milk 60 grams
  • Light cream 35 grams
  • 25 grams of butter
  • Yeast 5 grams
  • Salt 3 grams
  • Walnut 100 grams
  • Raisins Cranberries each 60 grams
  • Brush the surface with a little egg


  1. Place all dough ingredients other than butter in the breadmaker for 10 minutes, knead the butter and then knead for another 20 minutes. Because the dough is dry, it is not necessary to knead the film.

  2. The dough into the fermentation bag fermentation fermentation night (each time the bread fermentation is a very time-consuming things, and I am also relatively lazy so often use low-temperature fermentation can be made one night), we here at night temperature is only 5 degrees. If you are in the local high temperature can also be placed on the environment around 25 degrees of fermentation anyway, as long as twice the size of it.

  3. Fermented dough out of the exhaust4de0f5528d31cbf4d778e454b51b111a.jpg
  4. Divided into two, wake up for a while!f25a698269607f49e63c4451de4de67c.jpg
  5. Roll the dough into a rectangle. Sprinkle with raisins and cranberry cranberry walnut, shop as much as possible even a little roll up more beautiful. The most front-end Liu not a small shop kernel, dough shut.b46b5e4b289db4f48a58f3f98a81877d.jpg
  6. Roll up the dough must be tight, or baked when the nuts easily fall out. From the beginning of a roll covered with nuts Oh!39dd8e16dc741029cd291e0aa9c46b53.jpg
  7. Roll the bread6613bc7cee1a4415af896fb3bd127220.jpg
  8. Dough into the oven 40 degrees fermentation, the bottom put a hot water, the second fermentation 40 minutes to an hour to 1.5 times the size of the dough.393dba232fdd0a421db20df08f4ac0ff.jpg
  9. Fermented dough from the oven out, brush egg, with a knife in the above cut five knives, you can cut a little deeper, see the nuts!f355b9fb9fcb58e13e580f684b6590fd.jpg
  10. Oven preheated 170 degrees bake about 30 minutes, the last 10 minutes, then the color of the need to cover the dark foil! Temperature can be adjusted in accordance with their own oven!1b1e4525c90d10cac3fb8a7f3fac8ded.jpg
  11. Baked Well, fragrant!67402005e3d1ed20c3ec5550b0c617b0.jpg
  12. Let cool slices, taste delicious bar!751719fd6030a4c1b301daad29ee8f6e.jpg