O (∩ _ ∩) O ~ home Tuen three-like glutinous rice powder is about to expire, and quickly do black sesame peanut dumplings. Because of their own to do black sesame dumplings is too fragrant! ~ Want to quicksand effect to refuel more sugar ah! Fragrant black sesame, crisp peanut broken, with glutinous rice with a really delicious. I have been saying that Chinese pasta I certainly do not very good, is learning ~ but eat their own home or can drop ~ hair recipes on the one hand to facilitate their next time to do the inspection, on the other hand actually want to send We look at, in fact, as long as hands-on, these things can still be done, and the taste is quite good too! —- Meng Meng da separation line —- (1) given the prescription can do about 26 glutinous rice balls, a person can eat up to 6 in the morning, or else easy to hold up. Family can be doubled to do more, one can not eat the freezer. (2) peanut sesame seeds not only used lard, but also used the butter, is to take the mellow of the butter, if the home is not butter, then completely with lard or the same delicious. No lard that all the friends with butter, as delicious! So the filling does not burst pulp feel is the so-called quicksand, I feel very good, but looks like a lot of friends feel less oil less sugar, so we can add some oil, add sugar, sugar, sugar,



  • Glutinous rice flour 250g
  • Boiling water 190g (I use this volume is just right, we increase or decrease as appropriate)
  • Peanut sesame seeds filling
  • Cooked black sesame 130g
  • Cooked peanut 35g
  • Powdered sugar 45g (personally feel that the sweetness of sugar content just)
  • Butter 30g (not, then you can use lard instead)
  • Lard 35g


  1. Preparation: (1) cooked black sesame seeds put the machine, playing with a powder cup beat into a uniform powder. (2) butter water to melt. (3) cooked peanuts into the bag, with a rolling pin crushing, I do not like to knock too broken too small, and some grainy taste better.024dd4477cb5900f9d1565a24805a3ab.jpg
  2. First do stuffing, the black sesame powder, sugar, lard, melted butter into the glass bowl, mix well with a spatula. Then add peanut broken, mix well, into a group.7654c0bad2e27cc86593962a59d1b831.jpg
  3. Into the group after the filling directly into 10g /, into the pan, into the cold storage room refrigeration. I tried to put frozen as feasible, is to make stuffing hardening Well.b8f55edc5743a38841207d01f0395b0c.jpg
  4. Prepare the stuffing, start and face. 250g glutinous rice flour directly into the 190g of boiling water, I use the boiled water. Stir into the floc with chopsticks, the direct start rubbing.a2c9003e1ec456f4f12d80ce6c645be9.jpg
  5. Although the use of boiling water, and the surface will not be hot, and began to feel very sticky, do not be afraid, patient rubbing, has been kneading to the dough can be smooth.5f867872c46b5bcec138143800100e81.jpg
  6. Knead the dough rubbing growth bar, split into 17g /, and then rub into a spherical shape.20cae8f3c0257844dd9b6567a00a66e6.jpg
  7. The dough gently pressed into a small bowl, a dough wrapped in a filling, close to the package with moon cake almost Kazakhstan, I do not have a way to take pictures, packet of rice balls is really easy. Wrapped in the hands of the dumpling rubbing round, into the baking pan, a layer of dry glutinous rice flour on the pan anti-sticking. (My baking pan in the glutinous rice flour in fact spread more)ca0ed844a9bce5aa64d3d516973e9dcc.jpg
  8. Wrapped glutinous rice balls can be done now cook, eat glutinous rice balls wrapped in a layer of glutinous rice flour surface anti-stick and then put the preservation of frozen storage bags. Ready to eat at any time to cook out. Bite one, too content.09153fdc9e8be828faf215aae775cfac.jpg


1, PO main there is no possession, that is, full water and noodles, very good package, no cracking, cooked the taste is also very good. A lot of prescription is warm water and noodles, or tap water and then take 1/3 cooked add in, in fact, are to make glutinous rice semi-cooked, we go package dumplings, or cold water and out is scattered, ~ 2, I particularly like this stuffing, if you have a more delicious stuffing welcome to recommend me ah ~!