Peanut butter, very traditional snacks, delicate taste thick cream cheese word In addition to dairy products made of food there is a meaning”made with fruit paste food”fruit in ancient China to do the orange cheese, but also the various Nuts made of peanut butter, almond cheese, walnut, etc. today with raw peanut cheese, the taste is very light, it was cooked with peanuts to do, but I think it is really easy to get tired, and the summer will easily get angry ~ the following Is 2 copies of peanut butter (well, eat the food after the dessert to eat as a dessert, 2 copies, alone, even if a person to eat it ha ha ha)



  • Health with red peanut 50g
  • Health glutinous rice 20g
  • Water 250ml
  • Sugar 1 tablespoon


  1. First raw peanut and glutinous rice with skin soaked for more than 3 hours soak soft19d4c31c6f2d83602232b6bfddd8d1e5.jpg
  2. Will soak peanuts and glutinous rice into the blender and add 250ml of water into the pulp3439ca3265caf05b7d4306e375e28019.jpg
  3. The dregs in the slurry are filtered out with a screen279918991538678a6f7a6de8078d7d95.jpg
  4. Add the sugar into the pot, a small fire heating, be sure to heat while stirring, or glutinous rice ingredients will be caking, back to more and more thick, has been heated to the bubble to turn off the fire