This is an oil-free low-sugar health bread, especially for female friends, recently made a number of times, his family are super love, really simple and delicious



  • High-gluten flour 210g
  • Rye flour 50g
  • Yeast 4 g
  • Brown sugar 30g
  • Milk 175g
  • (Dried fruit filling)
  • Raisins 60g
  • Walnut kernel 60g
  • As long as the home of some dried fruit can be


  1. Will be all kinds of dry fruits and vegetables to the expansion of the rubbing stage, the separation of 140g dough, the rest of the dough by adding walnuts and raisins, rub evenly on it, put the temperature of humidification fermentation to twice as large

  2. The dough after the fermentation of the dough is divided into two equal parts, spheronization relaxation 15 minutes

  3. The dough will have topping open roll, and then rolled up, two slightly rub tip a little. Take a small dough and roll it aside and put the stuffing on the top206645f454f182cb457a326800705596.jpg
  4. Wrap up the dough and pinch it shut0ad1c44528ec6793ce6ea7268322b4b6.jpg
  5. Put a little finishing into the pan, put the warm and humid fermentation to twice as largeacf9ef0e9bfd7e6eb990267569a93b38.jpg
  6. The surface of the screen into the low-gluten flour, with a blade to draw on the edge4394dc4b569df3dd9f3a33c0ff410260.jpg
  7. Put a good preheated oven, put a cup of hot water inside the oven, bake at 190 degrees for 25 minutes5361df370a851b13fa69debc69960a93.jpg
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