Halogen chicken feet which can be used as a snack drops watching the US drama Ye Hao Korean drama may be eating gnaws mouth mouth is not very good



  • Chicken feet
  • Ginger light blue
  • Oyster sauce
  • Dried pepper octagonal octagonal
  • Cinnamon leaves
  • Soy sauce pumping
  • Cooking wine
  • sugar


  1. Chicken claws washed with cold water to boil over cold water drain

  2. Prepare a few slices of ginger two light blue two star anise a pepper some dry pepper cinnamon geraniol (these spices can be packed with tea bags can also be put directly to the pot boil) plus two tablespoons soy sauce two tablespoons soy sauce Two tablespoons of oyster sauce two tablespoons of sugar two tablespoons of cooking wine water not too chicken feet small fire cook (I used a high-voltage electric cooker Zhulan a) cook the chopsticks can easily stir the chicken feet to turn the fire to dry some marinated dry Do not accept all dry ah this with some marinade delicious


Spices in the area I should have nothing to put Han should not be too particular about the pressure cooker to do more soft waxy If you like a little tough or slow fire to cook better if the pressure cooker also need to use the fire to eat about the main marinade sugar can With the sugar color will be beautiful to say some of my taste sweet so I did not put salt but do not like sweet drops of small partners can be appropriate plus a little salt is not recommended to put more Haosheng pumping soy sauce and oyster sauce are salty Kazakhstan