☀ 【Test Notes 2015.11.09】 ♥ formula from Sina microblogging: obedient and smelly mother. Http:// Very warm and simple recipes, homemade essential staple food. Thanks to the blogger for a detailed and accurate formula.



  • 1, brown sugar red dates paste:
  • ♥ brown sugar 25 water 50 jujube meat 50 water 100
  • 2, the dough:
  • ♥ brown sugar red dates paste 200 flour 250 yeast 2 to 3


  1. ♥ brown sugar with boiling water to open → mixed cut the meat and water red dates → paste into a paste machine762f75744fb5946154c19481606d8bf3.jpg
  2. ♥ Red jujube paste by adding yeast mixture → pour into the flour into a flocculent → stir into dough (dough about 443 grams, do 6, each about 73 grams)0ce4d955e812936c428e33113cd244ff.jpg
  3. ♥ Dough fermented twice as large → divided into rubbing round into the steamer drawer 20 minutes Note: When kneading can also be closed into the 20 grams of flour, taste slightly chewy taste better.a4039bbe4b84176b456d7f034ee5ed72.jpg
  4. ♥ Fire boil water → 15 minutes after the fire → turn off the heat and simmer for 5 minutes → pan 啦5e59f5fe5423098154b38aaeb91b7521.jpg


♥ Note: fermented dough, kneading dough can also be closed into the 20 grams of flour, taste slightly chewy delicious. The amount of flour in the flour can be increased by a little. ♥ The purchase date of the yeast is relatively close, the production date is too long, activity will be worse, or even failure. Usually the amount of yeast 1% of the flour, according to circumstances, as appropriate. ♥ best not to use sugar, brown sugar and red dates with a good taste, bread is also a darker color.