After reading the bread is very happy to eat such a simple and simple bread is not cumbersome steps out of the aroma of bread is just to hear the smell is very satisfied



  • High powder 200g
  • Whole wheat flour 50g
  • Water 125g
  • Yeast 3g
  • Salt 3g
  • White sugar 20g


  1. All materials are put into the breadmaker and kneaded to an extended state to wake up to twice the size

  2. Fermented to remove the exhaust after re-kneading, hand-rolled into a circle into the dry powder of the rattan basket fermentation to twice the size

  3. Oven preheat 200 degrees made a good bread upside down buckle on the surface of the pan crossed the knife into the oven after the middle layer baked for 30 minutes the surface of golden yellow can be


The bread basket is 20cm in bread can also do 300g flour weight bread