Gesanchawu to do a refreshing mixed with edible fungus ~ appetizer and dinner.



  • Fungus 20 grams
  • 5 cloves of garlic
  • Dried peppers 5
  • Onion amount
  • Balsamic vinegar amount
  • Sucking amount
  • Sugar amount
  • Chicken amount


  1. Fungus in advance with cold water bubble hair, and then placed in boiling water boil hot to break off raw, remove and drain the water reserve.29ccfc3b13c5617918e0052531cec586.jpg
  2. Onion, garlic, dried chilli mince. Home like spicy food, so I cut the millet pepper at the end.b1349efb28f276a1f147c6782ee81f0d.jpg
  3. Add the appropriate amount of sugar (adjusted according to their tastes), plus a teaspoon of chicken, mixed with vinegar, soy sauce, Even after pouring in the container of the fungus and mix well, half an hour to an hour after eating! ~ Soup hot and sour sweet, crisp fungus, it is under the rice da!6ac0e2282ae534985a091534e2e7bd65.jpg